About TPS

Textile Printing & Sustainability takes a maximally wide angle on the market and technology evolution. The conference covers the entire supply chain, involves manufacturers of products which support the handling of fabrics (pre- and post-treatment), the printing process itself (inks and equipment), as well as printers, value added resellers and brand owners. From material science, through print systems, to micro-factories and finishing – TPS brings together all those who drive change and contribute to innovation. 

Everyone involved and interested in chemical and mechanical aspects, automatization, agile workflows and creative business models should join TPS 2024. OEMs, printers, innovators and brand owners will benefit from attending, learning and drawing inspiration from industry and academia peers.

Target Groups
  • Designers
  • Printers, dyers
  • Brand owners
  • E-commerce, distributors, retailers
  • Engineers, chemists
  • Production developers
  • Sustainability officers
  • NGOs, associations, regulators
  • Everyone interested and involved in making textile production (more) sustainable


Please contact us at info@esma.com to book your exhibition and presentation slot at TPS 2024.


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